We’re having a make-over!

Gavin Ashley hairdressing in Bury St Edmunds are having a make-over…

Gavin Ashley hairdressing bury st edmunds hair salon

The salon is currently undergoing refurbishment and we thank you for your continued patience and support. Expect to see some exciting improvements during 2018 including; new basin units, new chairs, new lighting, new flooring and new work stations!

We are reducing our carbon footprint…

At Gavin Ashley hair salon in Bury St Edmunds we are continually striving to improve our services and help the environment.

A while back we introduced disposable towels which save water, energy and time. We have now installed a new infrared heater which uses less energy and is a more effective way to produce comfortable warmth. Better still it produces zero carbon emissions.

We have made your shampoo service even better!

We want to deliver the best possible hair results when you visit our Bury St Edmunds salon, that’s why we have introduced new shower heads to all our back washes.

The Salon shower pro heads reduce water consumption by up to 47%. While special crystals in the heads make the water softer, eliminate metallic elements, lime deposits and chlorine in the water. 

These results will prolong the life of your colour and help balance the pH of your scalp.

To book your next hair appointment at Gavin Ashley call us on 01284 754066.