Skin Testing

Skin Testing For Hair Colour At Gavin Ashley Hairdressing, Bury St Edmunds

At Gavin Ashley Hair Salon in Bury St Edmunds, we follow a colour responsible policy for the safety of our clients and peace of mind of our stylists. Our highly trained stylists carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding skin testing and work in line with L’Oreal’s recommended skin testing guidelines.

We are constantly updating our policies and procedures around this issue to ensure we conform to comply with the strict guidance from suppliers & our insurance companies.

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Don’t Skip The Skin Test

Your health and safety are always our top priority. A skin test MUST be carried out prior to your next appointment if ANY of the following apply:

  • It has been more than 6 months since your last colour service within the salon
  • You are a new client requiring a colour service
  • You have home coloured your hair since your last colour appointment. (you may also need an incompatibility test)
  • You have had any type of skin tattoo including henna or permanent make-up since your last salon colour appointment.
  • You have suffered from an illness that has recently put your immune system under strain since your last colour service within the salon. (Coronavirus is an example of this).
  • You have had ANY allergic reaction since your last salon colour appointment.
  • Minimum age 18yrs for all technical services. 

Can I Do The Skin Test Myself?

No. Our skin test postal service is no longer available. As before, we will still be offering FREE in-house Allergy Alert Tests (AAT skin tests). We will give you instructions on what to look out for in case of an allergic reaction.

Can I Visit The Salon For An Allergy Alert Test (AAT)?

YES – An Allergy Alert Test will need to be done 48 hours prior to your appointment. Our front-of-house team can book this for you when scheduling your next colour appointment. 

T-Shirts Available Upon Request For Colour Services

Although every care is taken to protect clothing and personal belongings during your service, may we respectfully suggest that you avoid wearing light, delicate or bulky clothing and keep belongings tucked under the workstation. Protective t-shirts are available upon request to help further protect clothing from any potential mishaps.

Visit Gavin Ashley, A Colour Responsible Salon In Bury St Edmunds

For further information on our skin testing procedures or to chat with one of our experienced hair colourists at Gavin Ashley, call us on 01284 754066.