What is your name? 


What is your job title?

Hair Stylist

How long have you worked at Gavin Ashley?

Since September 2022

What do you love about Hairdressing? 

Making my clients feel and look great. I love giving people confidence.

What hairstyles do you love? 

I love waves in long or short hair.

Which celebrity hair would you like to get your hands on and why? 

Donald Trump for obvious reasons!

Who or what inspires you to create fabulous hair?

Brad Mondo, Guy Tang and Sophia Hilton.

If you had to live on a desert island, which three Aveda hair products would you take with you?

Aveda smooth and sleek shampoo and conditioner and Kerastraight ultimate oil.

What is your ultimate ambition? 

To be a Colour Specialist.

Describe yourself in 3 words

Outgoing, sociable and warm.