Keratin Treatment

Smooth Out Winter Frizz At Gavin Ashley Hairdressing, Bury St Edmunds

If you struggle with frizzy, hard to handle hair this time of year then we may have just what you need. A Fabriq keratin treatment (aka a hair smoothing treatment) works to smooth cuticles, reduce frizz and let you take back control of  your locks.  

Whether you want to repair damaged hair, smooth frizzy locks or define your natural curls, Fabriq is for you. Even better, all the treatments are cruelty-free and vegan with results lasting up to four months. Styling time is greatly reduced and the treatment helps your hair to behave better in humid and wet weather conditions. 

The dry winter air can remove much needed moisture from dry frizzy hair types meaning it fluffs up in wet and damp conditions. The smoothing process replaces lost protein in your hair by injecting keratin (the substance that exists naturally in nails, skin and hair) into the hair shaft. This revolutionary treatment, sometimes known as a Brazilian Blow-Dry, re-aligns and bonds protein into the hair, reducing flyaways and making it smooth & shiny.

Free Consultations

We offer free hair smoothing consultations at our hairdressers in Bury St Edmunds. This allows us to get a better understanding of your hair type and condition to ensure you get perfect results. The final result will depend on your hair type. If you have unruly, frizzy hair you will see a massive reduction in frizz and curls. If your hair is naturally straight, it will appear shinier and smoother. The straightening system is designed to give a long lasting smoothing effect and will work with the hairs natural texture.

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