Hairstyles With Fringes

Fringe Benefits at Gavin Ashley Hair in Bury St Edmunds

Do you fancy a new hairstyle but you’re not ready to have your hair cut into a cool short style? Maybe your first step towards change should be a fringe!

If you’re ready for a change with your hairstyle or colour, talk to your Gavin Ashley hair stylist who can tell you which fringe will work best with your face shape…

Eye Skimming Fringes

Eye skimming fringes are super sexy and look great if you have a longer face shape.

Ask your stylist to cut you a fringe that skims just below your eyebrows for an uber cook look.  It can be worn blunt and straight, or choppy and a little bit messy.

Fancy a change?  Part your fringe in the middle and wear it with a gap in the middle… just as though you’ve opened the curtains in the morning!

The 1970s Fringe

The trend for all things 1970s continues into 2016.  Check out the High Street shops and you’ll see lots of suede and fringing.

When it comes to your hair, wear it in a relaxed, slightly wavy style and add a longer fringe with a flick at each end.

Change up your style with a side parting or a centre parting. Both work equally well with the flicked fringe.  If in doubt, ask your stylist for advice.

Micro Fringes

The micro fringe is a bold statement so talk to your stylist for advice on whether this look will work with your facial features.

Super short fringes can look particularly good if you have a fuller or round face.

Add a pop of colour to give it even more interest and you’ll be turning heads in no time at all!

Asymmetric Fringes

Another edgy look is the asymmetric fringe where your fringe is longer on one side.

If you’re unsure about whether this look is right for you, why not try the look out first?  Ask your stylist to cut it into an asymmetric shape but make sure you don’t go too short on the shorter side…

You can then simply opt for an eye-skimming fringe instead if you feel the look is not quite right for you!

Quiffed Fringes

We are growing more experimental with our hair and one of the biggest statements when it comes to your fringe is a quiff!

This is a super cool hairstyle that is not for the faint-hearted!  You can form a quiff on a longer fringe by blow drying it in an upwards direction and fixing it into place with some hair product. If your fringe is shorter, you could opt for a spiked fringe instead!

Whatever you decide, have fun and experiment with your fringe and hair for a new look every now and then.

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