5 reasons to go blonde!

Go blonde this summer

Do you fancy going blonde this summer?  We check out five gorgeous blonde colours to give you inspiration.  At Gavin Ashley Hairdressing in Bury St Edmunds we can create the most gorgeous Goldwell hair colours. Give us a call on 01284 754066 to book in for your colour transformation.

Platinum Blonde

One of the top hair colours for 2015 is platinum blonde – it’s a real head-turning hair colour. If you choose this icy white shade of blonde be prepared because it needs constant attention to keep it looking great. Keep your hair well moisturised, invest in regular trims and keep your regrowth in check!

Beach Blonde

Another hot trend is to have some sun-kissed highlights to lighten your overall hair colour.  We can run highlights uniformly throughout your hair or paint on some ‘babylights’ for a more natural look, with pretty blonde strands framing your face.

Strawberry Blonde

There is something very sweet about the strawberry blonde hair colour.  With a reddish hue, this blonde looks stunning if you are naturally fair, blonde or have red tones to your natural hair colour.  Choose an edgy texturised hair style if you want to steer away from the innocence of this pretty colour.

Dark Caramel Blonde

Warm, rich caramel tones are perfect if you don’t want to go too light.  Ideal if you have dark, brown or fair hair, we can weave some gorgeous caramel or honey tones through your hair to give it a lift over the summer months.  The sun will ‘catch’ these highlights so your hair will look gorgeous in different lights.


Ombre hair shows no signs of diminishing in popularity.  By skillfully blending two or more colours together we can create a wide range of ombre looks.  Maybe you want your hair colour graduating from dark at the roots to lighter at the ends, or you’d prefer we added some fashion colours to the ends, or maybe opt for a reverse ombre where the colour is lighter at the roots.  Whatever your desire, let the team at Gavin Ashley hair salon in Bury St Edmunds transform your hair this Summer.

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