PREPARING TO RE-OPEN - WHAT TO EXPECT at gavin ashley hair salon in bury st edmunds

Covid Policy

Covid Policy

After careful consideration, many of our covid restrictions including social distancing will remain in place a little while longer. We have come so far and worked hard to keep everyone safe and remain open.

What to expect on your next visit:

  • If you wish to continue to wear a mask, please do so. Similarly, if you would prefer your Stylist to wear one, please ask and they will oblige
  • Our Stylists will continue to use their dedicated styling stations to allow for continued distancing
  • Temperature checks will no longer be in operation, however, we can do so on request. We would expect that if you are feeling poorly or are displaying any symptoms of Covid-19 you would cancel your appointment
  • We have removed two of our shampoo chair screens but two are still in place for those who still feel vulnerable
  • We will remove two of our screens at Reception to allow for easier conversation but keep one in place for the time being
  • The back door will be left open where possible to allow for ventilation
  • Both digital and physical magazines will be available and drinks are being served once again. For those of you who prefer to bring in your own drinks or cups, feel free to continue
  • There is no longer any need to wait outside to be invited in, however, if you would rather wait until your appointment time we understand
  • Almost all of the team have been vaccinated twice, the younger members have their second vaccines booked. We will continue to maintain a clean, sanitised and hygienic Salon and hand sanitiser will still be supplied

If you are nervous about visiting, why not read some of our positive 5-star salon reviews? That way, you can see how much the salon is still safe and a fun, relaxing place to visit.

Thank you for your continued support and stay safe. If you have any questions or concerns then please do not hesitate to get in touch by calling the salon on 01284 754066.