Winter Hair Colour Trends

The colder winter weather can leave your hair looking dull and dry so now is the time to invest in a nourishing conditioning treatment and consider adding colour to your hair.

Our expert colour technicians at Gavin Ashley Hairdressing explain how you can transform your hair with our Winter Hair Colour Trends.  Whatever hair colour you choose, make sure you book in with our talented team for an in-depth hair colour consultation first by calling us on 01284 754066.

You may also require a quick patch test 48 hours before your hair colour to assess your skin’s sensitivity to the products we use.

Buttery Blonde Highlights

Adding some buttery or gold highlights can really brighten up dark blonde hair that has lost its lustre over the autumn and winter months.  It will lift the colour of your hair and add more interest to your hairstyle and overall look.

Honey Coloured Bronde Hair

If you have brown hair then why not embrace the latest trend for ‘brondes’ – a cross between brunette and blonde hair.  We can add some caramel, golden or honey highlights throughout your hair or simply add a few to frame your face for a sun-kissed look.

Copper & Russet Red Hair

If your hair has natural red tones you are the perfect candidate for brightening up this look with some copper, auburn or russet red highlights, an all-over toner or going the whole hog and having a full head of permanent red hair colour.

Rich Chocolate Hair Shades

Near black hair or very dark hair can be transformed with some rich chocolate highlights and a glossing treatment.  Darker hair that is in great condition looks stunning – with shine, gloss and depth of colour.




Christmas Party Hairstyles

Spoil yourself this Christmas and put aside some time to get your hair cut, coloured or restyled.  At Gavin Ashley Hairdressing in Bury St Edmunds we can create beautiful party hairstyles for all hair lengths and types to get you turning heads at your special event.

If you want a complete transformation, our high quality KeraStraight hair smoothing treatment transforms weak and broken hair into strong, healthy hair that is long-lasting and easy to manage.

Hair extensions are another fantastic way to give your hair length, volume and colour.  Choose between our Balmain human hair extensions… or pre-taped Kapello hair extensions that take only 40 minutes to apply.

Call us on 01284 754066 to book your party hair appointment now.

Sexy Curly Party Hair

Loose wavy hair or a full head of big bouncy curls are great looks for a special party.  The look you want may depend on the type of event you are attending.  Structured waves may suit a formal event or dinner party, while slightly messy waves and curls have a more ‘rock chick’ feel so fit well in a less formal setting.

Party Upstyles for Christmas

You can’t go wrong with an upstyle or updo for your Christmas party.  We’ve seen a trend towards more casual upstyles with pretty tendrils falling around the face.  Although they may appear to have a ‘loose’ structure, rest assured that your upstyle will remain firmly in place as you dance the night away.

Sleek Blunt Hair Cuts & Styles

Hair that is in great condition deserves to be seen in its best light so let us give you a professional blow dry and a super on-trend blunt hair cut.  Straight edges and a blunt fringe are one of the key looks of the moment this autumn & winter.

Short Hair Ideas for Christmas Parties

Have fun with your short hair and style it in different ways for each event you attend.  Add volume with a professional blow dry, wear it slicked back, add some gentle curls or fashion a quiff for a cool, edgy look.  If you’re looking for some style advice, talk to your Gavin Ashley stylist who can also recommend the right styling products for the look you want.

Christmas Opening Times

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Airmotion brushes

Airmotion brushes at Gavin Ashley Hairdressers in Bury St Edmunds

airmotion brushes at gavin ashley hair in bury st edmundsGive your hair a break and invest in an Airmotion brush (RRP £11.95).   These brushes are available in pink or white and are fantastic because they offer:

  • stress free detangling
  • contour sensitive hair science
  • tri-bristle configuration
  • air shock absorber which reduces strain on hair.

Calling all blondes!

Forever Blonde products, Gavin Ashley hairdressingIf you’re a blonde then you will love our 710ml Paul Mitchell Forever Blonde Shampoo & Conditioner available at £25 each

The shampoo gently cleanses lightened and highlighted blonde hair while helping to repair damage and seal the cuticle.

The conditioner deeply hydrates and detangles lightened and highlighted blonde hair.

How to get hair like a celebrity!

Gavin Ashley Hairdressing’s Top Tips to get Glossy Hair like a Celebrity

celebrity hairstyles, bury st edmunds hair salon Have you ever wondered how your favourite celebrity manages to change her hairstyle and colour weekly and still show off hair that is glossy and full of length and volume?

Gavin Ashley Hairdressers in Bury St Edmunds can now spill some of the secrets to help you get gorgeous glossy hair like a celebrity!

When it comes to hair colour, Rihanna, Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj change their hair colour with startling regularity.  Yet we all know that over-processing your hair can cause it to become dry and damaged, so how do they get away with it?

Many celebrities have a team of hairdressers on hand which means they have access to the best hair care products and treatments. Some also use custom-made wigs and hair pieces to change their looks, while hair extensions are a superb way of adding luxurious length, volume and colour with no damage to your 24/7 hair.

kapello pre taped hair extensionsAt Gavin Ashley hairdressing we can transform your hair with two fantastic hair extension services.  Firstly we have Balmain human hair extensions to give you instant longer hair with added volume and superb colour.  We also have Kapello pre-taped hair extensions which take just 40 minutes to apply!

While we can’t all afford to have hairdressers at our disposal, there are some great new in-salon treatments that can give you glossy, smooth hair.

Our KeraStraight hair straightening treatment transforms weak and broken hair into strong, healthy hair that is long-lasting and easy to manage. We also offer a 30 day KeraStraight Intense Boost treatment which is a ground-breaking protein and moisture mask for your hair.

Top Tips for Healthy, Shiny Hair

  • After rinsing out your shampoo and conditioner, give your hair a blast of cool or cold water.
  • Once a month apply a leave-in conditioner.
  • Gently towel dry your hair and apply a light serum while the hair is still wet.
  • Let your hair dry naturally whenever possible to promote healthy hair. However, when blow drying your hair, direct the nozzle down the hair shaft and have a final blast of ‘cool’ air.
  • Apply a non-alcohol based straightening balm to dry hair. The smoother the cuticle, the shinier your hair will be.
  • Use a long round brush with short bristles so your hair glides smoothly over the brush.
  • If you wear your hair in a ponytail, alternate the fastening point and give it a break by wearing your hair down.
  • Give your hair a break from styling irons. If you cannot live without your styling tools, invest in a quality styling iron and a good protective spray.

So, now you know all the secrets to happy healthy hair, all you need to do is find a red carpet event to attend!

Balayage or Ombre?

Balayage & Ombre Hair Colouring at Gavin Ashley Hairdressing

balayage hair colour, bury st edmunds hair salonIf you’re looking for a low maintenance, on-trend hair colour for 2015 why not ask your stylist at our hair salon in Bury St Edmunds to create a balayage or ombre hair colour?

Unsure which of these hair colouring techniques to choose?  Check out this article which explains the difference between balayage and ombre!

We can create gorgeous transformations using a variety of hair colouring techniques.

Please make sure you come in for a skin test at least 48 hours before this or any hair colour service.

Balayage Hair Colour at Gavin Ashley Hairdressers, Bury St Edmunds

If you’re looking for a sun-kissed ‘grown out’ hair colour that is low maintenance and super cool, ask your hair colour technician about transforming your hair using the balayage technique.

Balayage means ‘to sweep’ or ‘to paint’ in French.  The principal idea is to create soft, natural looks, with the the finish being very soft with less noticeable regrowth lines. Your hair will have a casual, beachy finish with less symmetrical, random highlights.  This looks great on thick hair that sits below the shoulders.

Balayage grows out beautifully and more naturally than other hair colouring techniques, so you don’t get an obvious regrowth line between appointments.

Ombre Hair Colour at Gavin Ashley Hairdressers, Bury St Edmunds

Ombre is very similar to balayage but gives you a more obvious colour difference with darker roots and hair that is lighter at the ends.  It is a low maintenance look and more of a fashion statement than the sun-kissed balayage hair colour.

The integrity of your hair will always be our first priority.

Natural hair is a blank canvas, so the results are much more achievable as opposed to coloured hair which can be a lot more stubborn (and take 2-3 sessions over a 6-9 month period).

The healthier the hair, the better the results.

For more one hair colour services in Bury St Edmunds, take a look at our hair colour at Gavin Ashley hairdressing

Balayage & Ombre For All Hair Colour Types

Whitney-Port-OmbreBalayage and ombre work on both dark and light hair. Both Whitney Port and Jessica Alba are great examples of how balayage can work for different hair tones.

Our team of expert colourists at Gavin Ashley will be able to advise you on the most suitable colour for skin tone and overall look.

The great news is that both balayage and ombre are totally bespoke looks.  Our hair colour experts at Gavin Ashley will be able to place the colour to suit your skin tone so it’ll look amazing and really light up your features.

Give us a call on 01284 754066 now to book in for your complimentary hair colour consultation at our hairdressing salon in Bury St Edmunds.

Summer Hair Colour Trends for 2015

Hair Colour Trends for Summer 2015 at Gavin Ashley Hairdressing, Bury St Edmunds

The team at Gavin Ashley Hairdressing in Bury St Edmunds know just the thing to make your hair happy this summer. For hair colour it’s all about being strong, striking and stunning to stay in style.

For a fab new hair hue your hair needs to be in fabulous condition too! So try a deep conditioning service before you take the plunge towards becoming that new you.

If you need advice about you new hair colour then don’t hesitate to ask your Gavin Ashley stylist for tips. But while you’re waiting here are some gorgeous images for inspiration…

Red Summer Hair Colour Trends

Want a change? Well rich copper red would certainly get you noticed this summer! Although, to some extent, your skin tone and eye colour will decide which tone of red suits you best, this shouldn’t put you off! Your hair colourist has the knowledge and expertise to know the perfect shade of red for you.

Monotone Brunette Hair Tones for Summer

Well conditioned, healthy dark hair has a gorgeous shine and looks stunning when teamed with pale skin or a gentle tan. Choose a monotonal brunette hair colour this summer to be bang on trend.

Beachy blonde highlighted summer hair

If you’re new to hair colour and have never had it dyed before, we recommend you start with highlights, especially if you’re thinking of going blonde. It may also be a good idea to try our Goldwell Nectaya permanent hair colour as it is kind to sensitive scalps and contains no ammonia while being enriched with deep conditioning Argan Oil. Caramel or buttery coloured highlights will add interest to your hair colour and roots will be less noticeable than with a block colour as your hair grows.

Platinum blonde hair colour trend

Add some sparkle to your summer by opting for platinum blonde hair. Platinum blonde is the hottest shade of blonde at the moment but it’s not for the feint-hearted! When applied as a block colour this look is sensational but also needs plenty of attention to keep roots at bay. So come in for our Goldwell New Blonde 5-Minute Treatment which will cover regrowth and will help to keep your hair colour looking fresh and natural for longer!

Contact Gavin Ashley hairdressing, Bury St Edmunds

Call us on 01284 754066 or follow us on facebook or twitter.




Prom & Party Hair Ideas

Prom Hair Ideas, Gavin Ashley Hairdressing

You can be the belle of the ball with a fabulous prom hairstyle designed by our talented stylists at Gavin Ashley Hairdressing in Bury St Edmunds.

We absolutely love creating bespoke hairstyles and can help you find a style that suits you and complements your dress.  Why not bring a photo of your dress in, and any hair accessories you want to wear, so we can work out the perfect hairstyle for you.

We’d suggest you book your prom party hair appointment in advance to avoid disappointment as we get very busy at this time of year so simply call us on 01284 754066.

Now be inspired by these romantic, trendy and classic hairstyles for your big night (with some styles thrown in for the chaps too!)

Big bouncy blow dried hair for proms

A professional blow dry will add glamour to any length of hair, and we will add products to make sure your style lasts you all night long.

Pretty curly or wavy hair for proms

We can create a variety of different looks by adding curls or waves to your hair.  Depending on the look you want to achieve we can add casual beachy waves, mermaid waves, corkscrew ringlets, vintage-style curls… it’s up to you!

On-trend braided prom hairstyles

At Gavin Ashley Hairdressing we can create braided hairstyles on all lengths of hair from short to long.  Braids and plaits are young, flirty and on-trend.  We are experts in creating all sorts of plaited styles including side braids, fishtails, mini plaits, halo braids and upstyles with plaited features.

Classic and edgy upstyles for proms

If this is the first time you’ve worn a long dress then why not invest in a fabulous upstyle to finish off your look?  We can create all sorts of upstyles from classic chignons and ballerina buns to top knots, intricate updos, retro styles and half up, half down looks.

Perfect prom ponytails

Make sure your hair is in perfect condition if you are going to opt for a ponytail.  Blunt ends look much better than a ragged ponytail.  This is a style you can create at home but why not experiment and have a little fun with your ponytail? Try pulling out tendrils for a softer look or add pretty bands or jewels along the length of the ponytail for a fun and edgy look.

Prom hair ideas for the boys

It’s not all about the girls!  Young men want to look handsome, smart and well-groomed for their prom too.  Men’s styling is increasingly trend-driven and guided by key figures in sport, music and fashion. We can create a wide range of looks from contemporary styling to a great classic cut.

men's hair

Book your prom party hair appointment at our hair salon in Bury St Edmunds by giving us a call on 01284 754066, or call in you can find us on Churchgate Street.

Spring Hair Trends

Spring Hair Ideas at Gavin Ashley Hair Salon in Bury St Edmunds

After the winter months your hair may need a pick-me-up and Spring is the perfect time for a new hairstyle or colour.

Fashions from the 1970s are having a major influence on styling in the early months of 2015  and when it comes to hair colour there are so many fantastic shades to choose from to give your hairstyle a modern twist.

Check out our Spring Hair Trends to give you inspiration when you next pop in for your hair cut or colour at our hair salon in Bury St Edmunds.

Curly Hair Styles

The trend for all things 1970s continues to grow as we move into Spring.  Consider growing your hair a little longer so you can style it into soft waves for a free-spirited Bohemian look.  If you simply can’t wait to grow you hair, why not try our fabulous Kapello hair extensions which usually take less than an hour to fit!

Bobbed Hairstyles

Bobbed hairstyles are always a popular style but we’ve seen a sudden surge in interest after Cheryl Fernandez-Versini and Kim Kardashian both opted for a bobbed haircyt.  We can find a bob hairstyle to suit your face shape and facial features and it’s a surprisingly versatile hairstyle – wear it straight, curly, wavy or slicked back!

Short Spring Hair Ideas

Short hairstyles are more popular than ever and look particularly good with a stunning hair colour!  Short crops, quiffs, pixie cuts, texturised styling and asymmetric cuts will have you looking on-trend for Spring 2015.

Spring Hair Colour Trends at Gavin Ashley Haidressing, Bury St Edmunds

Improvements in hair colour technology means we can create stunning hair colours that will leave your hair looking silky and shiny.  Think platinum blondes, fiery reds, deep chestnut browns and cool ombre and balayage sun-kissed colours if you want to look on-trend this Spring.

For more on hair colour services in Bury St Edmunds, take a look at our hair colour at Gavin Ashley hairdressing.